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Sarah currently lives and paints in Duncanville, TX and is known for her sensitive touch with watercolors, especially her portraits. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from Houghton College and also studied art and portraiture in Italy. In addition to receiving international and regional recognition for her work in competitive art shows such as Texas and Neighbors Regional Exhibition and Society of Watercolor Artist’s International Exhibition, Sarah has travelled extensively, translating what she sees into wet color or pen-and-ink sketches. Sarah is frequently sought out as a demo-artist and juror for art associations and exhibitions in the DFW area. Her particular love is finding something to treasure in whatever she looks at, both in her art and in her life. 

“Sometimes you like the work of your students. Occasionally, you deeply respect what they can do. And on very rare occasions, you actually envy what they can achieve.  I have been one to envy Sarah’s work in portrait watercolor for some time.” 

~ Ted Murphy, Professor of Painting Houghton College

“My ambition is to find something beautiful and redeemable to cling to in the frequently imperfect worlds of both my art and my life. What better medium for the task than the temperamental and painfully beautiful watercolor?”

~ Sarah Graham


  1. Sarah I am an admirer of your work, i.e. preserving the integrity of the fluid medium of watercolor. I’d wanted to get a compliment to you for a while, seeing your work for the first time at Desoto City Hall. I know of you from the Desoto Art League.

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